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CNDLmetal_ Touch LED bedside table Lamp

CNDLmetal_ Touch LED bedside table Lamp

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Uplift your house and add a contemporary touch with this table lamp featuring elegant and sleek curves and modern design. Perfect in your bedroom or living room the LED light provides soft and inviting aesthetic and can be easily turned on and off with a simple touch to control the beam and choose the charming warm light dimming  for the best ambiance. 

The lamp is made of durable polycarbonate and electroplated iron and the built in battery is rechargeable by USB plug. 

Easy to use, the decorative small lamp can match the decoration of any style and color. 


Material: Polycarbonate + electroplated iron
Touch sensor
Plugs:USB charging cable
LED light 1.5W - Input voltage: 4.2v500ma
Size: Diameter 11cm - Height: 23,5cm



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